A ceramic modelling toolset containing 8 essential tools for Kurinuki with an illustrated guidebook. This toolset for anyone to work with kurinuki at home or studio. It is also great for schools and studios to offer a special ceramics topic for the students.




The handy package design fit for the user carrying the tools and clay working out of the studio. We encourage you to get inspiration from nature.

8 essential tools included

  • A) Cutting wire

  • B) Flat-wood tool

  • C) Sharp pointed tool

  • D) Trimming tool x2 

  • E) U shape wire

  • F) Two sized special angle tool - 45० 

  • G) Two sized special angle tool - 30० 

Illustrated Kurinuki guidebook   


The guidebook is designed to provide easy understanding steps for students as well as professionals. We also offer a paper placemat with all illustrated making procedures.


All in one / Ready-to-make


We offer essential tools, *prepared clay for craft and illustrated guidebook in one kit set. You can start to enjoy crafting once you got the toolset. Even without power tools in your home or ceramics studio.


*Only offer in Estonia and Hong Kong (suggested to prepare the clay from the nearest ceramics studio or art supplies)

*The provided clay is suitable for making a normal size tea cup or two saka cups


Firing and Glazing: 


After making the form, the processes of bisque firing and glaze firing begin. The final result depends on the glaze you choose. You can send the work to a ceramics studio nearby from your living place.

Suggested commercial glaze:
Amaco Potter’s Choice :
PC-1 Saturation Metallic
PC-30 Temmoku
PC-35 Oil Spot

With this toolset you will be able to:

  • Appreciate the beauty of Kurinuki by hand-making process

  • Understanding the basic principles of the Japanese aesthetic - Fukinsei. 

  • Experiencing an outdoor pottery-making process

  • Start a journey of Kurinuki hand-building technique


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